Monday, September 9, 2013

Why... Hello there!

I had honestly forgot about this blog (forgive me!) but  its been a while and I wanted to start another one and happen to come to blogspot and I was already logged on and found it. (I told you its been a while) any whoo. I wanted to start blogging again, especially since our homeschool style has changed. (Funny that I look back and we have had problems since 2nd grade but I have fought it and tried to keep with the "traditional" style and its still not working for us.

Any way: I thought I would update on our life, a lot has changed since 2011.

We know have four (FOUR!!) kids:
Jonathan: 9 in 4th grade, loves science, animals, gaming (minecraft much?) and wants to be a game designer when he grows up (or thats what he picked this year but I totally see it working for him) He does amazing doing school sometimes, other times its a fight tooth and nail to get stuff done, we are no longer fighting tooth and nail to do stuff... Why? because I KNOW stuff he doesnt want to learn he wont actually learn, yeah maybe he will get it but as soon as we move on I know everything I taught him will be gone. So new rule. He hates it we skip it. Easy at that.

Lily: 5 TODAY!!! Shes in a preschool/kinder mix. She is a smarty pants! Loves everything school related, craves work and flies through it, generally she will do more each day then planned and by Friday shes complaining because she doesnt have any more work.

Wendy: 3, she is doing an introductory to Preschool. I know that some of the stuff is too advanced for her but she enjoys what she can do and so I allow her to do what she wants. She seems to be getting it pretty well though and that makes me happy.

Nolan: 13 months (July 19th 2012 we welcomed his handsome face to our family) Like Elmo, Mickey mouse and music but his favorite toy is his daddy! Daddy walks in the door and I become chopped liver, and well we all know how much people like chopped liver.. Especially people in this house.

So there you go, you met the most important part of this family and this journey, my amazing kids!! =-)

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