Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Time?!?! Torcher Time?!?!

School has NOT been going great for us Jonathan is amazing when its hands on and then its stall-city in his head. I promise you his eyes light up when its something like an experiment or ANYTHING that he gets to use his hands on but bring out a worksheet and the kids eyes glaze over with a wall of defense. He stubs up and will take [no kidding] an hour to get a math sheet done of simple math problems that I know should only take him 15 minutes on his worst day but bring out the math game we made up where you jump in the answer and have to do something silly when you get there [more on this later] and he is jumping for joy asking for more. So we have been looking at our options on different learning styles and right now we are doing a inbetween [We call it McKinneyStyle] version of traditional and unschooling. That means its things that interest him but hes not just running around all day playing with matchbox cars and we call it school [If you have the ability to do this kudos to you! I just cant get past the part of my brain that sees traditional school as learning] so instead we are doing things that I know he will learn from but no paper work [or every little. we havent done any paper work this week] which means, games [board or ds], computer, tv and reading [the things he doesnt mind to do and will do without being ask twice] and we are going to continue doing our journal. We are still doing "school" for hours each day but things that should last 30 minutes are actually taking 30 minutes or LESS. We are all much happier this way so as long as its working we are gonna stick with it. Any suggestions on what I could do to add more FUN to our learning? He's in second grade if that matters.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I have a second grade boy too and we are homeschooling for the first time this year. I'm so excited about the possibilities after two years of frustration with the public school experience we've had. Are you involved with any groups? We plan on joining one next month and I'm looking forward getting to know other families on the same journey!