Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy busy busy,....

Thats what explains me the last few weeks and honestly its starting to get to me. Im trying so hard to keep the house perfectly clean, keep the kids happy and get our work done and its starting to drag on me. Im gonna have to tweak our schedule some. I plan on trying to clean the house at night right before we hit the bed then when we get up the house will be clean. Aside from my personal stress level going up simply because I dont like dirt everything has been going great. I havent been posting much have I do have pictures and such that I need to write and share with you all and I will. When I get the extra time but right now extra time is not something I have much of and when I do Im in the shower. I am "just" a SAHM but I cant believe how busy I stay!

I am starting to plan out our United States notebook that we will be starting in a few weeks like I needed to add something else to do to my plate but its all for the education of my son so I am not complaining.

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