Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Us.

That's me. Toni [or better known around here as Mom] I am "too young" to be even worrying about schooling my kids but God rules all and so I have a sweet [but can be obnoxious] 7.5 year old son named Jonathan,  a very independent [but sometimes too lazy to do it herself] almost 3 year old named Lily and a spunky [can throw tantrums like you wouldn't believe] almost 15 month old named Wendy. As you can tell Im a pretty busy person by I wouldn't change it for anything in this world. I know lots of people say that but I honestly mean it. Im married to Jon was was always dead set on homeschooling and he passed on that passion to Jonathan and so here I am. Homeschooling. While I was "planning" on sending them to elementary I had no desires for them to go to Middle school and definitely not High school. I know I cant shelter them from the bad things in life but I dont have to throw them to the sharks either.
Jonathan is 7 years old [Birthday in December] and has a passion for science. He loves hands on projects. As soon as he has seen too many worksheets [which is anything over 3] His eyes glaze over and you can tell he's had enough. So this year Im adding as much hands on as possible to try to help him be more interactive with what he needs to do. Im adding in lots of art, cooking, and just anything that he can have fun with while learning. Jonathan is a kinetic learner so he needs that hands on or he simply cant learn as well.

Lily is 2 [3 in September] and I am starting her this year. Mainly fun things but also stuff to learn as well. She has a passion for anything chocolate [but thats beside the point] she loves to talk and color. So we will see how it goes. if its too much for her we will move it all to next year but shes a very smart kid so I think she can do it.

Wendy is not even a "student" yet just a kid. :) But I couldn't leave her out. Shes the one that will have me running after her every 5 minutes this year during lessons making it harder for us to get anything done. And doing it while she naps will not be an option because she naps 45 minutes a day if we are lucky and we need hours to get the work done. But we get it done :) She just wants to make sure we still know shes around.

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